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Buying a notebook? – 5 top tips

I was recently deploying a new Small Business Server in the very far north of Scotland for one of our clients, and as with any installation they spot a “computer guy” at a hundred yards and pop the million dollar question. I wanting to buy a laptop what the best one to buy? – they’ve got some in Tesco’s.

Dell Laptop - but whats inside?

Dell Laptop - but whats inside?

You may think that the top manufactures of laptops are: Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, and Sony, but in a line up you may be mistaken for thinking that they all look the same – but you may well be right. In fact may of the top brands on the market are not made by the company behind the badge. 7 out of every 10 laptops sold are made by an “Original Design Manufacturer”. This simply means that a select number of companies based in Taiwan manufacture for the big brands.

One of the biggest ODM’s is a company called Quanta with a 30% market share and turnover of over 24 Billion US Dollars, manufacturing for Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, and I almost forgot to mention Apple. So next time you’re in PC World, ask the sales assistant – which OMD made that laptop?

So now you know you’re really buying a “Quanta” computer or similar, what should you look out for.

  1. Specification – do you research; you may find a brand is offering the same hardware for a better price. It could be the same laptop, just with a different badge.
  2. Warranty – They will be using industry standards parts, but some premium brands will offer better warranty. Remember, any warranty will be resolved by the retailer and the brand.
  3. Price – price matters, and an end of line deal in Tesco’s may be just what you need. Make sure you look for value.
  4. Don’t get carried away – Stick to your budget, and buy with a clear intention of what you need the laptop for: Internet, Email, Word, Music, Digital Photography, etc.
  5. Brand – Yes some brands are better quality, and you will pay more, but even if made by an ODM it does not mean the product is inferior. A good brand is still worth the money.

So what was the answer to the question?  The best laptop to buy, is the one the best suites you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and help in choosing. Stick to a budget, and be clear from the outset what is included, and how any warranty is fulfilled. Make an informed choice.

In the words of Microsoft or is that Nikon – I’m not sure as I think they must use the same add agency – “I am Quanta?”

Written by: Julian Flux – connect with Julian on LinkedIn

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