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I keep getting script errors in my browser, how can I fix them?

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer for example, then this is the official line – “Script error messages are displayed by Internet Explorer when there is a problem with the JavaScript or VBScript code on the website you are viewing. Occasionally a script error can be caused by an error in downloading a webpage, but more often it is an error in the webpage itself.” So if you read between the lines, scripting errors are and incompatibility between the browsers rendering of the code used to generate the web pages.

In most browsers, you can turn of script debugging which will limit the errors you receive. Errors can also be caused by your internet cache, settings which become modified over time, or even third party software such as Java which need updating in order for browser to work correctly.

So if you are receiving errors when accessing a web page, try the website in a different browser – Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and the like. If the error does not appear in other browsers, clear your cache or perform a full browser reset to clear any settings and try again. Make sure you run any updates to the latest version – just “google” instructions on doing this for your particular browser. This will clear the majority of problems with browsers.

Lots of websites are designed to detect your browser upon access and then deliver content designed to be compatible. In some cases you may have to wait for the website designers to correct issues which result from browser updates or coding/scripting errors. If this is a website you use often, or performs a particular function for your business such as online banking, email or call the company who runs the website to inform them of your issues. They may have a work around, or be able to get the issue resolved for you. Some bespoke websites may only guarantee that they work in specifically tested versions of internet browsers, and you may have to use these until further releases of their website.

So in short, the errors you are receiving are because the “browser software” and the “website coding” are not quite speaking the same language – a bit of miscommunication. The first thing to check it that’s it’s not your browser that is at fault. Follow the simple steps above to confirm this. If it works in Chrome and not in IE, then you can either wait for the issues to get fixed by patches and security rollups being applied via the vendor, or contact the operator of the website.

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